The Department of Genetics at ESALQ/USP is internationally known for its activities in teaching, research, and extension. Our team shares the common purpose of improving life by inspiring new leaders, generating knowledge, undertaking creating innovative solutions for Brazilian agribusiness, for farmers and the environment. Our team works to improve food security and agricultural sustainability.

Our logo: The new logo of the Department of Genetics was approved at the meeting of the board held on 23/10/2023. The update of it goes beyond visual identity, but is part of the process of adapting to the internal and external changes that happen naturally over time. This action is part of the strategic planning towards the celebration of its centenary in 2036. It also aims to transmit the values and main differentials of this department in connection with its history and tradition, maintaining it as a reference center and innovation to expand agribusiness borders ..



  • Prof. Dr. José Baldin Pinheiro - Chief
  • Prof. Dr. Carlos Alberto Labate - Chefe Suplente
  • Sra Silvia C. M. S. Zanattta - Secretary

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Laboratório de Genética de Microrganismos "Prof. João Lúcio de Azevedo"

Departamento de Genética, Prédio Gustav BriegerFazenda Experimental AnhumasFazenda Experimental AnhumasFazenda Experimental AnhumasDepartamento de Genética, Prédio Gustav Brieger